Arm Liposuction

People get saggy and droopy skin because of aging and gravity factor. In order to stop gravity and aging effect on our body there are many type of medical treatments developed lately. First of all working out is one of the most important factor to keep muscles tight and push back aging and gravity deformities. However sometimes it is not possible to get rid of sags only by working out.

What is arm liposuction?

Arms are one of the body parts where sagginess can be seen mostly because it has fatty tissues too much. Also mussels on arm area is not generally used too much therefore sagginess is expected on that area. Especially in summer since many people wear short sleeves it makes an uncomfortable appearance. Arm liposuction is removal of the excess part procedure.

Who are eliagble to get arm liposuction treatment?

Arm liposuction is easy and fast treatment which does not have any side effect. People who do not have any health issue can get arm liposuction. Even if they have health problem after doctors examination the decision can be made.

How is arm liposuction done?

During operation the excess fat tissue which creates sagginess and droopiness will be sucked with liposuction technique and removed off.

How long does the surgery take?

The arm liposuction process might vary for each patient. Operation is mostly done in half day completely. Since the operation is done by our experienced and specialised team of doctors after surgery there is almost no visible sign or mark of operation. Also we use aesthetic micro stitches therefore, after operation patient can wear short sleeves with comfort. It is one of the mostly done and one of the most successful operation we operate.