Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt lift operation is one of the most populer operation we perform.

In order to give you best hour glass shape we remove the excess fat from your tummy, love handles and lower back area with help of vaser liposuction under our calculation technique equally. After removing the excess fat from the specifis areas, we transfer the fat on your butt area according to your request. The amount and size will be decided by you during the consultation before the operation.

The sizes can be calculated as it written below:

• 1000cc of fat taken out =250cc in each butt
• 2000cc of fat taken out =500cc in each butt
• 3000cc of fat taken out=750cc in each butt
• 4000cc of fat taken out = 1000cc in each butt

3 areas of vaser liposuction with Brazilian Butt lift also our operation package includes:
We provide all the transfer services since arrival to deparuture

4 night Private suit stay
Consultation before the operation

All the needed blood tests and examinations
Medications , dressings and special operation corcet
One night stay in hospital after operation

Post operation visits and check ups ( not limited times)

The Cost of BBL

The surgery will be done In one of the most known and hygine hospital of Istanbul by our experienced surgeon. For more details and promoted packages please contact our call center agent.