Breast Englargment Without Surgery

Breast enlargement is possible without any surgery. But it’s not done only with drugs or gels. Of course the procedure should be done by a plastic surgeon. Some people are scared of anaesthesia or some of them are scared of having surgery. Moreover, there is many women who have small breasts.

To describe this technique in detail, it must first be known that a substance will be injected into the breast. But this is not a silicon. In some cases, silicone can not adapt to the body. The process can be painful. With the filling called “AQUAFILLING” you will not feel any pain.

How is the treatment done?

It is a procedure that is easily applied in the examination office environment. The average duration of the process is 45 minutes. The effect is immediately felt. And the duration is 6-7 years. The filling material is injected until the desired size achieved. There is no side effect or harm to the body It can be easily applied to every patient.

Anesthesia is not required, only anesthesia is applied locally for patient comfort where the needle is to be inserted. There is nor pain after the procedure. As long as there are no large breast deformities, the procedure works on every breast. In some cases, it may be thought that there will be no good result with filling in the breast. In such a case, breast augmentation surgery with silicone will be preferred.

Aquafilling Breast Augmentation Prices

TThe cost of this process depends on how many tubes will be used. The fill tube that will be injected into each breast can not be same amount. Some patients may require fewer tubes, while others with very small breasts may require more tubes. In order to find out the cost and price of the process, the examination should be done by doctor.

Since the procedure will not be done in hospital, the price will be cheaper than the breast enlargement operations with silicone prosthesis. In addition, if the breast is not too small, the cost will drop considerably because the number of fillers used will decrease.

Things to do after the treatment

No maintenance is required after the operation. After a while, a doctor’s examination is required. If you do this even during lunch, you can continue your work or social life after 45 minutes. In a very short time you can continue your life with a fuller breast. We are looking forward to your visit to our clinic, in order to introduce this miraculous technique if you are afraid of surgery.

Bare Breast Enlargement

Silicon always used as a classical method in breast augmentation surgery, it is necessary to open the incision in one place of the breast in order to enter the body. Sometimes the incision in made from under the armpit, nipple or breast folds. There will be absolutely a sign of surgery on the body.

But with Aquafilling , there will not be sign of the surgery in breast augmentation process. So it is also perfect in that way. The filling is given to the breasts by injectors. In this process, there will be only an entry into the body as small as pinholes. This is also invisible. In other words, the breast augmentation process will be done without trace.