Breast Fat Injection

Breast fat injection is a method of getting breast enlargement by fat transferring from sides or abdominal area to breast in order to achieve requested largess. Fat injection method is way easier and painless then other surgical treatment for breast enlargement.

It helps breast to get enlarged, tight, fully filled and specially made for each patient, since it is own body fat does not have any side effect and will be adopted from body easily.

Why Breast Fat Injection preferred?

Women especially after giving birth because of breast feeding, their breast in some cases get saggy and droopy. Beside that some of them loose their both or only one breast because of cancer. So many women who have one of these problems prefer breast fat injections in order to correct the deformities as we explained above.

Who are egeliable to get Breast Fat Injection?

Women who are in request of natural and fully filled breast instead of large breast can get fat injections in an easy and natural way with their own fat transferrin method.

How is it done?

Maximum 400cc can be injected to reach a natural and full breasts. If it is not enough then the session can be repeated several times. Since the fat suction is made from body with cannulas there will be no procedure mark. Also other breast enlargement surgery includes incisions but for fat transferring there is no cut therefore after operation there will not be any pain. After fat transferrin there might be swollen on treated area. With help of ice compressing every 15 minute swollen will reduce faster.

Before operation any medicine such as aspirin or blood thinner should not be used. We recommend people who had breast fat injection to get checked up by specialist surgeons.

How long does surgery take?

The fat injection procedure approximately takes an hour. There is no need of hospital stay after treatment.