Breast Implant Removal

The silicone implant removal is not requested normally but in case of patient’s request or in needed cases under local anaesthesia it can be removed.

In which cases it must be removed?

• If patient desires to get larger size
• In case of any damage to silicones
• Symmetric irregularity

Also after some diseases the silicone should be also removed and changed. As in all surgical treatments, breast implant removal surgery carries risks too. Repairing of damaged silicone is impossible. It must be removed and changed with new ones.

If the patient before silicone implant did not have any breast than when taking off there will be no big change. Will has to continue her life as before breast operation. But if the patient when having breast implants treated with breast tissue removal then after implant removing there will be seen deformities on breast.

Capsule development and things to do

One other reason to remove the breast implant is a scar tissue capsule development. It is one of the unwanted and unexpected complication of breast implants. It can be seen rarely. The first treatment of capsule removal is done with massaging therapy. If it does not go away with massaging therapy then the silicone implant should be removed and replaced with new ones. The capsule tissue development can be seen in both or only in one breast. There is no examination to determine if there capsule tissue development grow before surgery. However the breast silicone implants don’t carry any health issue or cancer risk.

Benefit and damage scaling

If there is no health issue or any other problem development then before removing the breast silicone implants, patient should have a detailed consultation with her doctor in order to analyse and give best decision. And when a surgery is requested to remove the silicone implants then as all surgical procedures it is a serious issue.

One of The most often asked question is if there is going to be any permanent surgery mark. The stitches being done very carefully. That is why there is no possibility for surgery mark or sign. After rhinoplasty, the operated person can feel more confident and psychologically positive. Also if doctor corrected the functions of the nose in operation, the patient will be feeling better when breathing.