Chin Surgery (Mentoplasty)

This method is often used in chin aesthetic surgery. It is usually used on people who have large or very long jaws. This method is very successful on people with very long jaw structure. It means that it is a kind of surgery which can be very beneficial for the reduction of the chin. This surgery is done from inside the mouth with the aid tool called incision.

General anesthesia should be given to the patient and also the operation should be done in operation room. It is a big advantage that the hospital is equipped as well as the operating room. After the operation, the patient should pay considerable attention to drinking and eating. It is usually kept under control for 1 month but according to the condition of the patient it is possible to shorten the time.

Chin Surgery

Different Methods may be followed for chin surgery. The mentoplasty surgeon decides these methods according to the jaw structure of the person. If the jaw structure of a person is collapsing backwards, there is a chance to fill that region with the aid of silicone and padding. If it is short, there is a chance that it can be extended forward with the help of the screw used in the chin surgery method. People who want to be facial aesthetics often do not know that the problem is in their chin. First of all the doctor informs the person and then the patient decides whether to have operation or not.

The operation always performed under general anesthesia and there is never any sign of surgery because the operation is made from inside the mouth. The duration of surgery depends on the problem. If the problem is caused by a single jaw, it takes an average of one and a half hours. In case of intervention in both jaws, the duration of the operation takes approximately 3 hours. In surgery, the patient does not feel pain or any pain. In addition, prices of chin surgery vary according to the problem.

Chin Surgery Prices

Fixed price can not be applied to chin operations as it is possible in ear aesthetic or breast aesthetics. According to the jaw structure of the person, the price quoted may increase. So it would certainly be very wrong to say a definite fee. If you are insistent on learning the price, you should be examined by a chin surgeon and he will give you informations and according to your chin, the doctor will decide the price.