Combination Of Plastic Surgeries

It is surgery of more than one operation at the same time.
The combined operation is being decided from the patients if they want to correct more than one facial and body parts at once under general anaesthesia if the doctor approves it.

Who are eligible to get combined plastic surgery?

People who are over 18 years old and exceeded puberty stage can have combination plastic surgery. Also women who have droopy breast after breast feeding and plus abdominal sags after giving birth can have combined operation to get correction of deformities at once and the recovery for both breast and abdominal will be together faster. Beside that people who want to have combined operation if they do not have any heavy illnesses and if their body structure is eligible to bare more than one operation under general anaesthesia after consultation with doctor can have combination plastic surgery.

How is it done?

Before combination plastic surgery some examination will be made such as blood tests. Also pictures will be taken from every angle of requested body part in order to plan and decide an operation plan to get a successful and expected result. Before combination plastic surgery doctor will:

• Shorten the operation hour in order to protect patients health
• Cancel the operation if the patient had an serious disease before
• Check the blood test in order to avoid any complications during operation
• Decide the best operation plan differently for each patient

For combination mostly general anesthesia is preferred but in some cases local or sedation can be preferred. Before operation during consultation and examination stage all the surgical treatments will be explained to patient clearly.

How long the surgery take?

Since the operation is to make correction on more than one part of the body the time may vary for each patient. However during the consultation the doctor after decision of anaesthesia type and areas will be treated can give exact time limit for operation.