What is Choi (Pen Technique) Hair Transplantation?

The main advantage of this technique is that it is possible to perform a more frequent and more naturally hair transplantation by focusing on the gaps between the hair without damaging the existing hair. As the recovery process is fast compared to classical techniques, it can return to normal life as soon as possible after the hair transplantatıon. Before the hair transplantatıon to the computer-assisted hair analysis, the structure of the hair wires allow the quality of your hair loss potential, the density of your donor area and the number of grafts that can be transplanted are will be calculated.

Preferably, your hair is cut to a certain length and is prepared to design the hairline. The nasal area is anesthetized by performing a non-needleless local anesthesia procedure. Then a piece of tissue around the hair roots is left one by one and taken with the help of micro-motor without being damaged. In order to extend the tissue life of the hair grafts and to maintain the quality of the hair grafts, tissue preservative solution is classified and should be wait it for into single double and triple.

(Unshaved Hair) Transplantation

After the tissue in take process is completed, local anesthesia is performed in the area to be transplanted. After that, the grafts are placed individually into the implant pens in accordance with the thickness of the graft each of singles will be applied. Hair transplantation is started applied from the planned hair line and the grafts placed in the pens are planted according to the natural outlet angles of the hair.

In this way, the existing hair is preserved and the sowing process is completed.

As the Choi hair transplantation technique does not open the channel, the crusting time is much lower than that of the conventional techniques and the healing process is very fast. Hair after the operation for five to six days until the crusting and shedding of these shells live. 15 The shock spill phase starts in 21 days, then the spill course slows down and stops. After 3 months, new hair outlets become observable. 6th month of hair. We can see the output from 60% to 70%. At the 12th month, we have reached the final state of the hairs.

Advantages of Choi method

1. This method is used for hair transplantation (without unshaved hair).
2. In front of the existing hair in the front of your hair without damaging the grain at the same time one channel at the same time we install the roots, hair transplantatıon the persons.
3. Scar is can be go very fast and. You can reach your social life by protecting your hair with.

You can to gett for these advantages in the Choi (Pen) method.