Facial Fat Injection

The fat injections known also as face injections which reduces the wrinkles, pimple scars and help people to get more young appearance. Your own body fat will fill deep wrinkles and fill all the other deep marks to give flawless and natural looking as it should be. Differently from other face filler types, fat injection does not have any side effect to the face since the fat is taken from the own body. The facial fat transfer does not help aging signs to stop it only helps to reprieve the operations such as face lifting, eyebrow lifting and other kinds of facial procedures. Therefore facial fat injections might help for smoothing the wrinkles and scars.

How facial fat injection is applied?

Facial fat transfer or injection mostly done under local anaesthesia in cosmetic and plastic surgery clinics under health hygiene rules. The treatment depending on the amount of injection and extra touches approximately takes half an hour two maximum 1 hour. With help of injection or specially made sucking cannula the fat is taken from body of patient (hip, tummy or leg area). After suction of fat, with help of centrifuge get purified. More filled face, visible chin feature, symmetric look, flawless skin and natural smile can be achieved with facial fat transfer operation.

How long does it to take recover?

People who get fat injection after injection procedure immediately can continue living their daily routine. The donation and recipient are might get a bit reddish but the treated area and donation area will heal in weeks easily and fast.

The treated area might vary for each patient according to their fat type, skin type and sucked fat amount and quality. On recovery time we recommend our patients to us UV creams when going under sun in order to protect that area while it recovered completely.

Is facial fat injection secure?

As in all surgical treatment facial fat injection carry some risks. In some cases after fat injection: infection, dermatocyst, bleeding, swollen and bruises are rarely can be seen.