Facial PRP Treatment

After blood is taken from patient with the help of centrifuge machine, the constitute of blood get separated and the part of blood which is rich plasma platelet with a help of injector can be injected to the patient face to remove any scar and deformities to rejuvenation the face.

Why it is done?

Facial scars, marks, sunburn, porous surface and wrinkles and sagginess because of aging are the most major facial problems. With new developments in medical industry there are many new methods being improved. One of the improved method is called PRP facial treatment. After extraction of blood substitutes a rich plasma can be gotten. The rich and strong plasma can be injected to areas which have deformities to rejuvenate the face and get rid of the deformities.

Who is eligible to get PRP treatment?

There is no age limit for Prp facial rejuvenation therefore anybody get prp facial treatment.

• People who got facial scars after some reasons
• People with porous surface
• People who got wrinkles because of aging
• Whoever have spot, blemish and stain on their face
• With normal blood-pressure

Man or Women, whoever experience these kind of facial problems can get Prp treatment for facial rejuvenation.

The most prefered eyebrow lifting methods

Silhouette soft (youth rope), Botox are some of the mostly preferred eyebrow lifting methods. These methods do not leave any mark or sign also whit these methods eyelid lowness can be removed. The procedures are really easy and painless.

The process of eyebrow lifting procedure

During surgical eyebrow lifting, firstly cuts will be made to the hair lines to do stitching and lifting procedures after the completion of lifting with stitches the incision are will be closed back. The operation takes around an hour after a week the bruises and swelling will go away. Eyebrow lifting operation is one of the operation we do mostly. Botox treatment takes around 6 minutes and after treatment is done we apply ice on treated area. Beside that easy method we also use silhouette soft for lifting. That technique will last approximately 9 to 20 months. If you do not want incision cut or stitches then you can prefer Botox or silhouette soft. Again your doctor during consultation according to deformities will recommend the best method.