Do not care too much of your face lines!

Filling is a medicinal product produced in the laboratory environment. This drug is formed by combining various substances. Even though it is called snake poison, which is not true. It is a beneficial medication that gives good results when used in needed place.

Which area the Filling can be applied?

Filling is used under the eyes, between the forehead and between the two eyebrows. Slows or stops the temporary operation of muscles in the area of ​​application. Filling applied in this way to prevent the skin sagging in the applied area.

Filling can also be easily applied under the arms pads, palms and soles to the people with sweating problems. There will be no pain during application. It does not require anesthesia and will show its effect immediately when applied.

Who can get Filling treatment?

Filling can be used to the patients who are suffering from skin sagging. There is no side effect. The face is not completely paralyzed. The effect will last an average of 6 months. In some cases the effect stay for a year. It is entirely dependent on the person’s body resistance. The same dose is not injected into each region. It should be done by specialist. Filling dermatologists, plastic surgeons and even general practitioners can perform the treatment.

How much does Filling treatment cost?

Filling drug can be sold as serum. The left drug after the first session can be reapplied after 6 months from the application. In this process, determined according to the specialist fee. The price in each clinic may vary and the Filling treatment can be applied differently by each specialist. Only cost of the material can be same.UnderArm Filling

Underarm-Filling can be easily applied to the patients who have problems of excessive sweating on underarm area. We know that sweating is a big problem for some people. Especially In summer there are people who are very uncomfortable of the excessive sweating on the armpit. You can stop armpit sweating with Filling.

So the effect last approximately 4-8 months, so you can be more comfortable in summer if you get Filling treatment for sweating. Since the effect of it last 4-8 months it would be better to get the treatment before summer, so you can fully get rid of all the sweating problems in whole summer. It is clear that the underarms smell and can be prevented by using excessive deodorant or underarm creams. So whoever have sweating problems we will be happy to help them out in our clinic

Sweaty Palms

Sweaty palms are also a major problem and illness for some people. There are people who sweat when they enter an exam or even when they write. So when Filling is applied into the palm of the hand, it will stop sweating with the same effect.

As the armpit, palms do not harm the surroundings. So it does not create smell or bad image. But the damage to the patient is quite high. Very uncomfortable. When they want to hold their girlfriend’s hand, or when they go for a job interview, their hands get constantly sweaty, which makes the life difficult for them. We therefore recommend that you try this process, which is quite simple and shows its effect instantly, without losing time.

Filling Effect Duration

The duration of Filling effect is related to the resistance of the person. In some people this can be up to 3 months, while in some cases filling effects can last for up to a year. It is not possible to see it without trying it.

Patients who constantly have filling make this a habit. That is, the patients who make it a habit periodically repeats this practice at regular intervals. In fact, the healthiest result is taken in this way does not matter if it is done for sweating or aesthetics.

Does Filling Make People Rejuvenate?

Yes Filling causes the skin to stretch in the area where it is applied. So you look younger with this application. Filling can not be understood by others when you get it. Of course, we except asymmetrically failure Filling applications.