Forehead Lifting

Change your face complexion
The forehead stretching surgery is a preferred method of operation for women over 40 years of age. The dorsal surface of the forehead is lifted by a surgical procedure and is pushed upwards. An incision is made to the back of the other ear, starting with a cut from behind the ear.

Classic forehead Stretching

The forehead is being lifted up with the incision. The eyebrows are drawn to where it should be. Pulled excess skin is cut off. And the skin is sewn. Drains are placed in the same opening skin. After this process the person can look at least 5 years younger. Nowadays it is rarely necessary to have a forehead stretch operation in this way. Instead, eyebrow lifting or temple lifting is often done.

Who May Have Forehead lifting Surgery?

Genetically it is applied to people who have excessive wrinkles in the forehead. At the same time, this surgery can be done to get rid of the skin sag which is brought about by age. With this surgery on the forehead region, a new form is obtained in the eye. Eyebrows are also intervened and an aesthetic appearance is provided.

Elimination of Deformations in the Face by Forehead Stretch Surgery

There may be genetically collapsed structures in the forehead zone. It is possible to solve the problems in several ways. At the top of these solutions filling materials come. With proper application of filler method, holes and lines in the face and forehead can be eliminated.
In some cases, the fat is taken from the patient’s own body and transferred to the face area. This is a healthy method. Some of the transferred fats will last for years, and the effect will last for years. Since surgery is not performed, the procedure may need to be repeated 5-6 years later.

Wrinkle Treatments

The wrinkles that are found on the face or on the forehead can be removed with botox most effectively and practically. Botox is an effective method, although the duration of action is limited. In the same way, temple stretching surgery is applied for the wrinkles in the temple part.
It is made with a cut through the hair on the forehead. The pulled skin is stretched upward and the forehead region is stretched. If too much skin needs to be cut, cutting application will need to be applied. It is one of the successful surgery and the success rate is very high.

Endoscopic forehead stretching

Today, forehead or temple stretching operations are usually performed by endoscopic methods. Technically, it is done by starting with an incision from the hairy part of the skin.The bone and soft tissue will be separated from each other by the endoscope and it is inserted into the opened skin. Sagging or wrinkles in the forehead area will be eliminated by several different methods. The process is simple and gives good results.

The Forehead Lifting Prices

The technique which is used in the operation will be Determining the price of the forehead stretching surgery. This is determined by the need of the patient. In the same way, it may need to be done surgically, just as it can be removed with a filling. Therefore, examination is mandatory in order to determine the surgery fee.
The cost of surgery depends on which hospital the surgery will be applied. This choice is left to the patient. The physician who performs the surgery determines the surgery price. It will not be realistic to come to our clinic and give the price without examination.