Hair Transplant

Hair Planting by the Direction of Your Spilled Hair;

Hair plantation is basically done with 2 techniques. One of these is the hair follicle method with the fue method, and the other is the hair follicle method with the fut technique. Fut technique is not being used lately. Instead, the fue technique, which has many advantages, is being used.

Basically, hair is taken from the nape of the head and transferred to the balding part of the head. Of course, it is necessary to separate the hair according to its length and direction while taking it from the nape region. Hair roots should be kept intact.

After the extraction of the hair follicles is finished, the hair follicles are opened in bald parts. Individual hair follicles are inserted into these opened channels. It’s the most important part of the operation. If a good surgeon runs the surgery , can get a natural result like no hair plantation, but most importantly, hair is planted according to the direction of your old hair that is spilled;

After Hair Transplant

After hair transplantation, the hair is poured from within a month. This is a natural and expected result. On average, new spills are replaced within 5 months. Normally some of the hairs might be missing. But 90 percent of the hair comes out. After the transplantation, the hair is washed for once in clinic.. Then, by showing this washing method, the patient is requested to wash their hair certain times a week.

Why Is Hair Root Taking From the Neck Area?

The hair in the neck area is very strong. Therefore, hair in the nape region is preferred. But in the nape region, there may be few cases where there is no hair root. In such a case, the hair roots can also be collected from the chest.

Sometimes hair follicles in the nape region may be inadequate. In such a case, roots can be taken from the most hairy and strongest part of the head. There is no risk or harm of it.

How The prices of Hair Transplant calculated?

Hair plantation does not have a fixed price. In other words, how much hair is removed during the planting and The amount of hair to be added will determine the price of the hair plant. That’s why you need to be examined. The cost is determined after this examination.