What is PRP (platelet rich plasma) treatment?

The prp treatment is done to fix hair problem such as fallings, greasiness and dandruff of hair. Besides fixing these kind of hair problems the prp treatment also has effect on hair follicles and blood circulation. For this treatment the blood should be taken from the patient after extraction of the PRP in the blood the rich plasma will be injected to the hair area.

Why prp treatment is being used?

In order to get healthier hair and hair follicles also to avoid fallings the prp treatment is being used to improve the hair follicles quality for a lifetime. Since the prp treatment has a good effect on blood circulation on the prp injected area the hair will get healthier and grow faster without hair loss problem or any other hair deformities.

Who should get prp treatment?

People who have hair loss

• people who had hair transplantation in order to improve the strength of the transplanted follicles
• people who complain about slow hair growth
• whoever have oily hair type and dandruff on-hair

Beside these complaints for any hair problem, prp treatment can be done to cure any problem of hair such as greasiness and dandruff on hair. However since the blood is taken from patients body the circulation of body should me on normal levels.

How prp treatment is done?

Even though the treatment sounds difficult, actually it is a simple and easy procedure. The 2 or 3 tubes of taken blood from patients’ body with the help of centrifugal machine the rich platelet plasma get separated from the blood components. The rich plasma with help of injection can be injected under hair scalp. The injected platelet rich plasma (prp) will improve the shiny appearance of hair, will give strength to the hair follicles and by effecting the blood circulation the hair grow will be faster.

How long does the treatment take?

In order to get a great result the treatment should be done for 3 or 4 times. For each session the treatment takes approximately between 40 to 55 minutes.