Inner Thigh Lifting

Inner thigh lifting is a procedure to remove sagginess and tighten the inner tight which had occurred because of pregnancy or gaining and loosing too much weight.

Before lifting operation firstly if the fats are too hard then liposuction will be needed to apply in order to break and suck the fat that hardened. After the fat suction with liposuction technique then the fat free and saggy area can be operated.

Returning home

Inner thigh lifting operation must be done under general anesthesia. After operation the operated patient must stay a night in the hospital under doctor’s control. On the second day operated person can return home. After returning home, short walks at home will be really helpful. On the third or fourth day the first control will be done by doctor. On the first doctor control the bandages on the treated area will be changed. After the first control patient can take shower anytime.

After operation in order to remove the swollen too much walking will be helpful. First days the swollen can be seen on the upper area and by time it will go down way after a little while the swollen will be invisible completely. The full recover might take up to a month but after a month patient go back doing normal activities.

A real makeover

When the operation is done under great operation rules very carefully, after the recovery time a great results must be seen. Patient after operation totally will get rid of the pouches on thighs and sagginess. People get inner thigh lifting operation mostly because when they walk the inner thigh make it uncomfortable and get rashes all the time. However after operation the uncomfortable situation will not be experienced again. Patients after operation feel way better wearing any type of clothes such as short, dress, mini skirt. The most important result is that patient get tighter and well-shaped thighs.

Even though first week of the operation there is a bit pain, however after recovery it is one of the operation which many operated people satisfied with the results. In Clinneed we provide the best services under world health rules and the operations are done by our experienced and specialised doctors. Before, during and after operation we will be with you.