Inverted Nipples

The problem of inverted nipples comes from the birth. It does not occur later on or after a trauma. Also it is not a genetic problem. It occur at the development of mammary duct and if the duct is short that inverted nipples can be seen.

Inverted Nipples And The Other Nipple Problems

The inverted nipples are serious aesthetic problems. Inverted nipples can represent an obstacle during breast feeding. However if the nipple area is wide than it is a genetic problem or problem which occurs generally development of breast. It would be surgically hard to reform it. But the inverted nipples can be fixed with operation.

The Procedure Of Inverted Nipple Surgery

The operation is relatively simple. Since the reason is the shortage of milk dust, in operation the milk dust area will be expanded. And the milk dust will be freed from the surrounding tissue. By that way the milk dust can expand easily and get where it should be.

Is The Correction Of Inverted Nipple Surgery An Obstacle For Breast Feeding?

The operation is directly intervention to the milk ducts. Therefore the treatment should be done very carefully. Even though it is a small risk still the milk dust can be effected or harmed. Therefore before the surgery all the risks should be told the patient. The probability is too small but still the patient should have all the detailed information.

Correction Of Inverted Nipple Without Operation

There are other type of non – surgical treatment, For the people who are scared of operation or from risk of the operations. The first treatment would be breast feeding. Because at the beginning of the breast feeding it would be hard but later on after the suction of the baby the milk dust can get expanded so by that way the nipple can get reformed. The first is always breastfeeding. The operation should be done to people if the breastfeeding work for them.

Numbness On Nipple

There is a small risk the numbness can be seen on treated nipples. Some of the operated women can get experience numbness after the surgery. And that occurs according to their body structure and their metabolism. The rarely can be seen.

The numbness on some patients lasts around 4-5 months later. Some of the patients however can feel the numbness around a year. Also it can last forever for some other patients. Therefore first we advise them to tray breast feeding to cure to problem.