Labioplasty ( Labium Reduction)

Keep your sexual life alive

One of the most common situation that many women experience in their sexual life is sagginess or loosening of vagina lips (labioplasy). These inner lips and outer lips are covered with hair and are located on both sides of the vagina, expand for number of different reasons. In turn, prevents woman from wearing pants or any tight dresses.

For that reason, different operations are performed for both internal and external lips. Many women are born with these kind of problems, and sometimes only one of their inner or outer lips get loose or saggy. Nevertheless, also that kind of deformities can be seen by aging or after too much sexual intercourse. Lubi means lips, labia minora means small labia and labia majora means big lip. In general, if the inner lips of vagina are bigger or more elongated than the outer lips, then it may disturb patient and ultimately affect her daily life in a very negative way. Therefore, some cosmetic operations are mentioned, and with this aesthetic of labium reduction, this problem can be completely solved.

Especially this situation is very negative for many women in the psychologically. If a woman thinks that her inner lips are large in this part of the vagina, especially for women who are in her fertility period, then this also has a negative effect on the sexual life of the woman and avoids any sexual intercourse. In order to avoid that problem, a number of aesthetic surgeries in the name of labium reduction play a major role in regaining the self-confidence of the woman.

For this reason, labium reduction aesthetics are extremely important for a woman. This operation is generally also performed under semi-anesthesia or full anesthesia depending on the wishes. This operation takes at most half an hour and is done with minimal cuts and stitches. After this labium reduction surgery, the patient may return to her home within an hour or two. However, the patient must use drugs given by doctor.

One day after the surgery, the patient can take a shower but cannot do any kind of exercise or bath in a bathtub. With a reduction in labium aesthetics a woman can return to her Daily life two or three days later.