Neck Lift (Lower Rhyridectomy)

Sign of aging in the jawline and neck occurs with the effect of gravity. In order to remove the aging signs and marks especially on neck area there are some procedures such as liposuction, neck lifting or plication operation with help of platysmal bands can be done.

• Some genetic problems which occur skin loosing
• Lack of development of jaw bone
• Sagging result of exceeding average weight
• Repeatedly weight change can create deformities
• By aging sagginess of face cheeks
• Lossless of skin flexibility

What is neck lift surgery?

It is a surgical procedure to correct facial and neck aging signs, the excess skin will be removed off by stretching and pulling back the muscles to behind ear area.

Why neck lift surgery is done?

Patients for neck lift surgery have older age appearance than their normal age and it makes them unhappy, according to patient request, expectations and complaint neck lift operation can be done. The main purpose of neck lift surgery is to straighten patients chin line by removing the sags.

Who are eligible to have neck lift surgery?

It is not recommended to the people who smoke too much cigarette, consume alcohol and diabetes patients. Beside those patients if the patient had surgery before from the neck area the surgery might be postponed. In order to get best information for that problem it would be better to have consultation with a specialist doctor.

How neck lift is done?

During the surgery a “V” shape incision will be made from front and back of ear. The neck and face skin will be left free. The muscles which create mimics with help of stitches will be hang upwards. Since the incision from front and back of ear made there not going to be any visible signs.

How long the surgical treatment takes?

Neck lift operation is done under general anesthesia. The operation approximately takes 2 hours and the effect of it can be seen after operation immediately. There is no pain or bruise after operation. In order to prevent hemostasis under neck area a drain will be placed after operation and a day later it can be removed. Also the stitches will be healed in a week and the swelling on neck area can pass after a week. So the patient after surgery in a week can continue doing normal daily activities. After operation for the first week patient must to wear a tight bandage which covers the head and neck area. The change of neck can be seen immediately after operation and there will be no feeling of pain.