Sweating Treatment with Filling

Some people may have excessive sweating on their hands, palms, under armpit, soles of feet, face and body. There are several reasons for this. Let’s examine these reasons in turn.

Hand and palm sweating

It usually develops due to stress. When you enter a new job interview, or when you are about to participate in a vital test, or when you are very excited, palm sweating can be seen. Even when one of these situations comes to mind, you can see hand germ with excessive temperature in your hand.

Filling, which will be applied to the 10-15 region of your hand in such cases, can solve the sweating problem. Sweat glands are temporarily paralyzed with Filling. This prevents your hand from sweating. It’s a practical solution. It shows the effect in a very short time.

Hand sweating will be off over the top for a period of 8-12 months. The solution is temporary. In Very advanced situations, it may not show Filling effect in a sweaty sweat. So we can think of surgical procedures at that time.

Underarm sweat

Underarm sweating is a common nuisance of most people. When entering the summer months, male and female, who have that problem, it can be solved with Filling. Stress or excessive weight triggers sweating. In addition to the sweat, it can cause people to fall into very difficult conditions with the smell of the sweat. So, with a Botox application should be done before entering the summer months, so it can relieve this trouble.

Simple to apply. Sweat glands are temporarily deactivated with Filling or slowed down by body resistance. Because of this, there will be no sweating. The process is applied for 20 minutes. Pain does not hurt. The effect will last an average of 8 months. This allows you to enjoy your summer months.

Excessive Face Sweating

Here too, Filling will be injected into the hair. The average duration of the filling is 8 months. It is only a solution for patients who say “Am I going to have an operation just because of I am sweating”. Surgical treatment may also be performed. The operation method will be needed only in advanced cases.

Practice must be done by a specialist. The price is shaped according to the area the Filling will be applied. The dose is adjusted according to the patient’s anatomy. Side effects are sensory loss. This is a situation that can be seen in a few cases.

Filling Fee for Sweating Treatment

The price can be determined according to the tubes quantity. It is not possible to give price without examination. Even if discomfort is indicated over the telephone, it is still difficult to predict the price without seeing the patient.

Absolutely examination is needed. Body structure complaints firstly should be examined by doctor and the price should be given afterwards. The treatment will be performed by the doctor. The doctor fee determined by the doctor and that fee will also be an important factor in determining the Filling prices.