Vagina Plastic Surgery

Vaginal aesthetics is an aesthetic surgery or not ? The answer is not given exactly to the question of that treatment. The treatment is usually done to make sex more comfortable for men and women.

Why the surgery should be done?

The vagina tensioning process allows couples to enjoy more sexuality. Liposuction surgery to vagina is also desired to increase the appearance and improve sexuality. The sagged inner lips of the vagina can cause incredible harshness to the person during sexual intercourse. The sagging of inner lips create an aesthetically bad appearance.

Due to all these reasons, vaginal aesthetic surgeries are frequently performed. It all vaginal problmes can be treated at the same time or some of them can be combined. That requires examination.It is necessary to determine exactly what the problem is and what the patients’ expectation.

What Should Be Considered Before Having Vagina Aesthetics

The first thing to be very carefull of which doctor will operate the surgery. He can not just be an aesthetic surgeon. The doctor should be specialized in that area. . Having done research and development affects the success of surgery positively.

In addition, the experience of the doctor on that surgery is too important. Also the patient should Know what is her needs and expectations are.

How Long does vaginal aesthetic last?

It is necessary to make an assessment on that issue one by one.

AS followed;

Narrowing( tightening) the vagina: It is not completely permanent, it is not right to expect it tol ast permanently. Despite not being permanent, loosening will not start in as short as 3-4 months. But it can be loose over time.

Mons Pubis; The fats on the upper part of the vagina can be reduced by liposuction. After this process, if the excess weight is continued to be consumed, the lubrication repeats. But it’s rarely seen. The hormone drugs used can also resume lubrication on the vagina.

Labioplasty; this procedure , designed to sculpt the external vaginal structures by reducing and/or reshaping long or uneven labia. Later on depending to the body type the sag might be seen again. However, this is a very rare condition. Sagging does not occur after the operation and later on no surgery will be required.