Vaginal Tightening Surgery

Vaginal tightening is lately one of the most requested operation from many women. Also hymenoplasty (re-virgination), clitoris shortening, liposuction from vaginal part are requested for aesthetic purposes or sexually attraction purposes.

As our specialist quoted “instead of losing feelings by having vaginal operations women will go back to their normal life without any pain or ache and they will feel more pleasure and tense in maximum level. It is one of the painless operation. Also after operation patients do not need to stay in hospital.

Why vaginal tightening should be done?

It should be done to make women more comfortable physically and emotionally by correcting deformities which occurs because of aging, birth, too much sex, anatomically, genetically. By correcting and re shaping vagina women will also feel more pleasure during intercourse.

Who is eliagble to get vaginal aesthetic?

Many women after giving birth, experience loosening of pelvic muscles and if do not correct the loosening deformity it my come to sagging stage. Not only women who give birth experience that problem also it sometimes occurs because genetically structure or anatomical deformities. Vaginal tightening procedure preferred when vaginal deformities create uncomforting aesthetically and sexually.

How vaginal aesthetic done?

During operation besides correcting the deformity also tightening made to improve sexual intercourse pleasure. By tightening vaginal muscles when having intercourse partners will feel enjoyment because of vaginal tightening structure.

It can be done under local or general anaesthesia. Operation approximately takes 30 minutes. Except shape correction on operations as labium reduction 3 to 4 weeks sexual intercourse is not recommended. After surgery there will not be any operation mark.