Vaser Liposuction – Fat Removal

It is an ultrasonically assisted method that is used to expel fats from some parts of the body. If you do not support your body with sports and diets, the stubborn fats that accumulate with this method can be safely drained out.

How is the Vaser liposuction performed?

The fat is not processed in a manner different from the classical method. The only determining difference is that the device is able to select completely unnecessary fats of the body.

This process, which is also called lipo-selection, does not take all the necessary and unnecessary fat and fat tissue in the region as it is in the conventional method. So there will not be wrinkles. With less bruise and swelling, more aesthetic results are obtained.

Which area of the body is eligible for Vaser liposelection

For men and women the applied areas can change

In men;

• At gynecomastia surgeries
• To remove extra fats from the butt area
• Slimming the abdominal area

In women;

• The chin area
• It can also be applied to the abdominal region in the same way.
• Can be used to get oil through the leg.
• Also can be applied to the back area.

How secure is Vaser liposuction?

In order to determine which part need vaser liposuction, examination should be done firstly.

This process is more secure than the normal classical method. Because it is safer to remove only unnecessary fats and tissues from the requested area. The body does not need the extra and unnecessary fats. But the classical method takes the necessary fats and textures also without separating.

Therefore, vaser is more successful and safer than the other classical method. After this procedure performed under general anesthesia, it is absolutely necessary to stay in the hospital for one day.

Vaser liposuction prices

Vaser liposuciton prices are generally known as too much. Yes, a little difference will surely happen. This is also related to the cost associated with the use of a machine and a device. But I want you to know that the difference in the meantime is not that high

The cost varies according to size of the area requested. Also the amount of the fat should be removed will affect the price. The fastest and most accurate result only will be determined after the examination.